Helping Others Before Ourselves

Dr. Nate Porter                        

                 Special Thanks to the following for donating supplies...

Have you ever had people on the side of the road asking you for money and you fumble as you try to grab some and drive, or had someone in a parking lot ask for cash and you don't have any?? Then "hobo bags" or "blessing bags" are the perfect solution!! 

We make and deliver these bags in honor of Barton Sherwood's birthday! Barton passed away in 2011 after suffering from mental illness. However, he was big on helping others. In his will he specified that his birthday should be celebrated by giving to those less fortunate, those who lived on the street. He told us to call it "HOBO DAY." So to honor his time on the street and the caring heart he had, we now celebrate HOBO DAY every January 27th by making these bags.

Homeless kits or "Blessing Bags" are easy to keep in your car console or between your front seats. Then you can pass out anytime someone is needing a little help!

Join us on or near Jan 27th. Come make bags with us, or make your own. Then hashtag on any social media #happyhoboday so we can see all the good being done! 

Thank You for helping us keep his memory alive. We love seeing your pictures and hearing your stories! 

                                        ~Barton's Family


In Honor of Barton Sherwood

1/27/83 - 4/2/2011